Time: Aug.31-Sept. 3, 2009
Venue: Changchun City, Jilin Province, China
International Host: Asia-Pacific CEO Association
Host in China: People’s Gov. of Jilin Province, China

Major agenda:

lChinese Vice Premier of State Council, P.R.C.

   Li Keqiang meets VIPs of APCEO

l The 5th ICS     Theme Forum

Theme: Promoting the Establishment of a New

               International Economic Order and a New

               International Economic Cooperation Pattern

l Secretary of Jilin CPC Provincial Committee

   Wangmin and governor Han Changfu meet

   important participants

l Reception banquet by People's Gov. of Jilin


l Participation to the 5th Northeast Asia Investment

   and Trade Expo: banquet,  opening ceremony

   and visit to the exhibition hall

l The 5th ICS  Round table conference;

l Briefing and Exchanging Meeting

·Vice Premier of the State Council, P.R.C
·Vice premier of the State Council of Chi
·The 5th (2009) International Cooperation
·Secretary of Jilin CPC Provincial Commit
·Vice premier of the State Council of Chi
·The speech of Former Prime Minister of F
·Speech of Margarita Matova,Director of G
·Speech of Hon. Prof. Mike Oquaye,Second 
·Speech of Dr Mattlda Bojar & Dr AfaŁ
· Speech of Mr Paul S. H. Lau,Chair  of N
·Speech of Don Edwin Gunasekara
·Speech of Dr. Carole Nakhle,Author of OU
·Speech of Dr. Marcus LEE,Managing Direct
·Speech of Tad Waddington,Director of Acc
·Speech of Prof. Ewa Bojar and Dr Matylda
·Speech of Joon-Mo YANG, professor of Yon
·Speech of  Harry Chan,Senior Director of
·Speech of Lord Howell of Guildford
·Speech of Alice Siu-Ping Wong,Member of 
·China is willing to make joint efforts w
·Ministry for Tourism, Infrastructure and Planning, Public Service, Energy, Transport,Cook 
·city of Tayor 
·Parlament of Ukraine
·Geological Institute of Bulgarian  Academy of Sciences
·Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, Thimphu, Bhutan
·Parliament of UGANDA
·Ministry of enterprise development&investment promotion,Sri Lanka
·Parliament of Estonia
·Argentine National Congress
·Ghana Parliament
·City of Reedley
·Office of the Prime Minister,Tanzania
·Parliament of Argentina
·Swedish Parliament
·Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and National Integration,Sri Lanka
·Umvoti Municipality
·Parliament of Seychelles
·European Parliament
·Latvian Parliament
·Northampton Borough Council 
·Mid Sussex District Council 
·State of New Jersey 
·State of California
·State of Kentucky
·State of Ohio
·State of West Virginia 
·State of Alabama 
·Council on Foreign Relations of the United States of America
·Department of Commerce of the United States of America
·People’s government of Tianjin
·People’s government of Shanghai city
·Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China
·Sydney Municipality of Australia
·Creative Sheffield of the United Kingdom\
·Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency
·The Municipal Government of Dallas of the United States
·The Government of British Columbia, Canada
·Asian Headquarter for the U.S. Republican Party
·The Ministry of International Trade of Canada
·The Municipal Government of San Francisco of the United States
·People’s government of Suqian city 
·People’s government of Lijiang city 
·People’s  government of Huangshi city 
·People’s  government of Panzhihua city 
·People’s government of Liaocheng city 
·People’s  government of Qqhr city 
·People’s  government of Changzhou city 
·People’s government of Jincheng city 
·People’s  government of Foshan city
·People’s  government of Suzhou city
·People’s  ernment of Huangshan city
·People’s  government of Kunming city
·People’s  Government of Shenyang city 
·People’s  Government of Xining city 
·People’s  Government of Nanchang city 
·People’s Government of Wuxi city 
·People’s  Government of Baoding city 
·People’s  Government of Xian city .
·People’s Government of Zhengzhou city .
·People’s Government of  Lasa city
·People’s  Government of Chengdu city.
·People’s  Government of Guangzhou city, the PRC
·Taiyuan Municipal Committee of CPC
·Xinjiang Production and Construction CORPS of China
·People’s Government of Guizhou Province, the PRC.  
·People’s Government of Sichuan Province, the PRC
·People’s Government of Shanxi Province, the PRC
·People’s Government of Heilongjiang Province, the PRC
·People’s Government of Jiangsu Province, the PRC
·People’s Government of Shanxi Province, the PRC
·Saipan Municipality of the United States
·Regina Municipality of Canada
·Richmond Municipality of Canada
·The New South Wales Government of Australia
·Parlament of Ukraine
·Parliament of UGANDA
·Parliament of Estonia
·Ghana Parliament
·Office of the Prime Minister,Tanzania
·Parliament of Argentina
·Swedish Parliament
·Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and N
·Parliament of Seychelles
·European Parliament
·Latvian Parliament
·Council on Foreign Relations of the Unit
·Department of Commerce of the United Sta
·TDK (China) Co., Ltd
·Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co.,Ltd
·PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk
·YTL Corporation Berhad
·CB Richard Ellis
·Husky Energy
· bulletin of two 
· bulleti
· bulletin of two summits
· bulletin of two summits h
· bulletin of two s
· bulletin of 2009 I
· bulletin of 20
· Wang Min and Han Chang
· The governor o
· three highlights of The f
· Leader of the Conservative Pa
· provincial and municipal lead
· Wang Min and Han Chan
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